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Thread: Group F - Portugal, Iceland, Austria, Hungary

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    He'll still score. Header.
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    back at the rathaus, scenes after that miss

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    This is so good
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    hahaha wow.

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    How the hell is a fan getting close to Ronaldo for a selfie after the game?

    Given the security fiasco at this tournament you could have forgiven him if he ran a mile but he waited while the idiot pratted about on his phone to get the picture.

    Surrender Monkeys have been clueless this last week or so.

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    Man, I love Ronaldo. Bastard brings so much into the game.

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    He's upset

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    FFS, torn between wanting Portugal to get dumped out at the group stage and the lingering possibility of having to play the prima donnas in the next round.

    The more Portugal are kept close the more easily they can finish 2nd. As it is if Portugal scored again they'd go joint top with Iceland on points, results between the two, goal difference and goals scored.

    Seeing what the next tie breaker is.

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    Have to say that was a little bit good.

    Thought we'd be treated to the full "**** ooot" self-regard celeb from the varnished ponce tho.

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