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  • Mate I'm pretty good most any time save this Saturday or Sunday. Let me know when you're about. If we can rope in Spikey that'd be good too.
    Should be celebrating MacGill Day today itbt.

    Shaun Rehn to be celebrated in August, though regularly postponed due to knee surgery.
    It's alright...........things like these happen on forums.....at least you are gracious enough to admit that it was a genuine mistake.....how many people do that???
    Hey mate, I sent you an email a week or two back, regarding the voucher you won for the survey you took a while back. Just need you to confirm your home address so I can send it to you. Thanks mate!
    Hey mate,

    Was wondering if you could spare a few seconds to complete my survey. Would be much appreciated.

    Monash University Survey | Qualtrics Survey Software
    Early game (Carlton vs Brisbane) in AFL tipping this week, starts in just over four hours.
    Just a reminder that your Last Man Standing: Ashes 2009 tips are due in just under an hour.

    The question is: Will 6 or more wickets fall on day one of the second test?
    Yeah sweet. I went to the one dayer in NSW. When the redbacks flogged them by 170 runs :) and Cooper got his maiden ODD century. Yeah Klinger looks good..but your right about him. And his reluctance to hitting over the top. Ferguson is the only one really that plays shots without risk. Bad thing is I live in NSW atm. And I'm pretty young ( 14 )so I can't go to many games by myself or with mates yet. But I'm always watching the games. You seem to know lots about the redbacks.
    Hi, yeah I went to a couple shield games so far this summer. Was there for Hughes 198 and also when Klinger got his 150 against the Vics. The thing was, we batted for ages to get our runs, Klinger whilst being a good player lets too many good balls go unpunished which usually build up pressure on us and we throw our wickets away.

    Compare that to NSW and Vic all their top order players come in a play shots without much risk. In the Sa v Vic game we declared and without a fuss they were 1/51 off 8 or so overs at stumps. We probably haven't had the talent to do this for quite a while, getting recruits from NSW and Vic was a good idea IMO.
    Hey man. Looks like your a pretty big redbacks fan to. Been to any games this season?
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