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Hi Everyone

Welcome Back, Things Have Changed A little While You Was Away!

Cricket Web is proud to launch a new look and feel!

As you should have all seen as you entered the site on your current visit there have been some major alterations.

Although the Cricket Web Team have spent a lot of time testing and viewing every last detail of the whole site, we are only human and mistakes will be made so we ask that if you experience any problems during your visit to inform us of them so they can be fixed them as soon as possible.

Any problems can be reported in the Site Discussion Forum or by using the feedback form under the About Us page on the main site.

The New Design:

I’d like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Cricket Web team to point a few of the major changes to the site out to you.

Cricket Mail: Arguably the biggest addition to this design is the addition of Cricket Mail, a web based e-mail program that is absolutely 100% FREE to use with 10mb’s of FREE storage space for all those e-mails.

With Cricket Mail, you have access to your emails from any Internet-connected computer in the world. Whether you are at a cafe, in a library, at work or at home, with Cricket Mail, your email address is the same and your account is accessible from all locations through the logon.

Coaching: Improve your game with the help of the knowledge of the experienced coaches within the Cricket Web team and see it all in a no frills style, with all of those complicated and technical jargon explained in plain English!

Countries: Cricket Web since it’s creation back in October 2001 has focused on just four of the major cricketing countries, we now feel it’s time to expand our coverage to all 10 Test playing nations!

As a result it is a regret that we have decided to drop the domestic coverage for the time being, don’t worry though all major domestic news will be continued to be covered through the relevant countries sections and I am sure we wont be able to hold our keen reporters from covering the games in some forms. Don’t worry though it is our aim to again cover the domestic side of things so look out for it in the future.

The Forum: Just to let you all know that the Forum is on the list of projects we have lined up, so for now it will be left as it is, but expect colour changes and updates in the near future.

In Conclusion: We have just touched the surface here with the changes but we’ll leave you to discover the rest for yourselves. We’d like to remind you that should you have any problems or ideas about the site please contact us and we will be more than happy to hear from you.

Thanks for your continuing support and we hope you enjoy the new look and feel to Cricket Web.

Also Cricket Web is ever expanding and we have many many more ideas that we plan to implicate over the coming months so keep an eye out!

The Cricket Web Team

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