Not the Spin: Spring 2024 Edition

Published: 2024
Pages: 32
Author: Davis, Rory (Editor)
Publisher: Lancashire Independent Supporters Association
Rating: 4 stars

There’s a piece in this, the Spring 2024 edition of the Lancashire fanzine, entitled PETE in the PIT of HATE. It doesn’t carry a by-line, and is a report on the Red Rose’s season so far, or at least as it was before back to back defeats at the hands of Kent and Nottinghamshire. It is a depressing read as it is, and the equivalent article in the next edition will, absent a real turn around in the club’s fortunes,  be even more so.

On a similar theme and, comprising a quarter of its page count, the centrepiece of this edition is Mark Gretton’s Selecting the Lancashire Diaspora XI, which looks at the as many as sixteen players now at other counties who have slipped through Lancashire’s hands. They make a formidable side, and after recent performances in those defeats by Matt Parkinson and, particularly, Haseeb Hameed, Gretton’s observations now seem restrained.

To accompany those features, and one would expect no less, is a hard hitting editorial from Rory Davis that will strike a chord with all who value the county game. I do rather like the cut of Mr Davis’ jib, and I dare say it may well be him who is responsible for the tribute at the end of this issue to the previous custodians of Not the Spin, the Lancashire Again Group. That group was a lot more than just Ian Lomax, but he nonetheless deserves particular credit for his efforts.

There is an interesting piece, another without a by-line, on the subject of the club’s last set of published accounts, those covering the 2022 season, as compared with those for 1996. The most telling statistic, for cricket lovers anyway, has to be the alarming drop in membership. The feature on the playing staff, inevitably concentrating on overseas signing Nathan Lyon and Tom Bruce is, once more, not an entirely happy read.

In a genuine attempt to be constructive Vince Leyland contributes Different Grades, an interesting idea that would, essentially, involve the restructuring of club cricket in the county along the lines of Grade Cricket in Australia – not all will agree, but it’s a much better idea than The Hundred.

But, of course, Not the Spin is not all doom and gloom. There is a look forward to the Blast and an entertaining essay from PG Wodehouse (no, not the famous one, but very much ‘in the manner of’). There is a piece on Lancashire connections with India, though only recent ones so those with fond memories of ‘Our Rookie’ will be disappointed. Going back even further there is a review of Malcolm Lorimer’s excellent biography of Peter Eckersley, the man who led the Red Rose to Championship glory in 1930 and 1934.

Primarily, of course, this one is aimed at Lancashire supporters and to them it is highly recommended. But any lover of county cricket will enjoy Not the Spin and at just £2 plus postage it costs no more than a decent cup of coffee, and lasts a good deal longer. Those interested in buying can email NottheSpin@gmail.com and can also follow on twitter @notthespinner @ccmembersgroup and @lancsISA.

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