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Interview with Fazeer Mohammed : Part 2


Ganesh Venkat caught up with Fazeer Mohammed during the recently concluded third Test between West Indies and South Africa at Bridgetown ,Barbados. Fazeer is a well known Commentator and Broadcaster from Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad.


Eleven things I hate about the IPL


With the IPL circus in town and having been watching the games and reading about it a lot, Rahul Fernandes inspired me to write an article about things I hate in IPL after stumbling across his blog. I owe him a thanks for waking up the IPL hating cells in my brain. Here is the list of eleven things I hate about IPL which are in no particular order.


IPL Preview – Part 2


Continuing our two part preview of the teams and how they are expected to fare, Part two features Mumbai Indians, Kolkata Knight riders, the winners of the inaugural edition Rajasthan royals and Kings XI Punjab.


IPL Preview – Part 1


With the IPL returning to India after their African safari last year, Here is cricketweb’s two part preview of the teams featuring and how they are expected to fare. Part one features defending champions Deccan chargers, runners-up from last year Bangalore royal challengers and the losing semi-finalists from last year Chennai superkings and Delhi daredevils.


Our Cricket Heroes – Brian Lara


With a short stature and nimble footwork he cut, drove, hooked and pulled, fast bowlers and spinners were both treated with disdain, everything about him had an aura, even his stance and for 17 years one name was synonymous with West Indian Cricket, Brian Charles Lara. He had people’s expectations reach a crescendo when he came out to bat and carried the hopes of a fragile team on decline for those 17 years. With a high-back lift and his peerless ability to pierce gaps in the field marked by sublime timing was indeed a sight to behold. It would be safe to say that cricket watching experience would not be complete until you have seen an innings by an in-form Brian Lara.


UDRS: To review or not to review


I lamented on the use of referrals and how ICC should prompt the use of technology to the fullest extent in cricket last year during the fourth test between West Indies and England at Bridgetown, Barbados. Daryl Harper, the TV umpire from Australia was at the hot seat for a period of play on the final session of the third day during that Test when he gave two absolute shockers which baffled one and all. As the year went by ICC had realized the importance of technology and to eradicate umpiring errors implemented the UDRS (Umpire Decision review system) from October 2009. When this announcement came out, I was elated that ICC had taken the step in the right direction to help the game, the players, the umpires and the fans.