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Home Ground


My cricket club is inadequate in almost every way, but I’m going to miss it when I leave for New Zealand in the winter.


O Jogo do Cricket em Portugal


Cricket has been in Portugal for longer than any other European nation. A major Portuguese football club even has a cricket bat on its crest. So why aren’t Portugal a major cricketing nation?


The Fury of the Northmen


The Danes are coming! Amjad Khan is just the latest chapter in the story of Danish cricket, and the sport has a long history in the small Scandinavian country better known for footballers, fairytales and bacon.


The Other Gentlemen


At the turn of the nineteenth century the American city of Philadelphia produced a side capable of defeating Australia and several English counties, spearheaded by Bart King, one of the finest bowlers of all time. But who were the other cricketers who played alongside him, the other Gentlemen of Philadelphia?


Everything Under the Sun


A guest book reviewer this week, and our first book on West Indian cricket for quite some time. The current Windies team (and England!) could do with a player of the quality of Jeff Stollmeyer and a few of his former team-mates.


The First Time Pt. 2: Bangladesh


Bangladesh became a test nation at the dawn of the new millenium. But where their predecessors achieved a triumph, Bangladesh- who briefly threatened a shock as big as Zimbabwe’s- collapsed to a humiliating defeat.


The First Time Pt. 1: Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe astonished the world with their performance in their nation’s inaugural test in 1992, outplaying an experienced India side and drawing the match easily. How did they manage such a feat?