Ask the Spider #42

Who has scored the most runs in a Test series without a century?

In 1993 in a six-Test series against Australia Michael Atherton (who some would have you believe never had any success against Australia) managed 553 runs. His best score, however, was 99, in which he and Mike Gatting contrived to run him out.

What’s the highest team score in a Test with no extras?

328. Made by Pakistan at Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore in 1954/55

What’s the lowest Test total in which someone scored a century?

New Zealand’s 159 against England at Jade Stadium, Christchurch in 1962/63 takes this record. John Reid (the elder) scored exactly 100.

And what about in which someone scored a half-century?

Asanka Gurasinha’s 59 out of Sri Lanka’s 82 against India at Mohali in 1990/91 for this.

What’s the most wicketless balls bowled in a row in Tests?

Maurice Tate, a hugely successful bowler for England in the 1920s, could not get a wicket towards the end of the series in Australia in 1928/29, and also took a while to get his first in the summer of 1929’s opening Test. He ended-up sending down 822 between wickets.

Who has played the most Tests in a row without having to bat?

Indian tailender Maninder Singh would’ve been grateful to not be required for 4 games in a row in the 1986/87 season. The weather intervened to severely shorten several of these games, and India’s powerful batting did the rest.

Who has played the most Test innings’ without being stumped?

Pakistan’s Salim Malik was a judicious user of his feet to spinners, and it showed, as he batted 154 times in Tests and was never stumped once. Whether he ever gave a stumping chance that was missed is harder to say, however.

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