Ask The Spider #24

What is the % chance of victory if the team batting first scores over 500 in the first innings?

In matches where the team batting first scored 500 or more, results were as follows:
Won: 100
Drew: 114
Lost: 6
So if the match ended in a result, win percentage is 94.3%.

What will be the World ODI XI prepared for years as follows: 1975; 1979; 1983; 1987; 1992; 1996; 1999; 2003; 2007. Eligibility criteria: For one to seven, more than 500 runs in last 2 years; for eight to eleven, more than 150 overs in last 2 years. Selection Criteria (based on performance in last 2 years): one-four, batsmen having highest average among those with more than 70 strike-rate; five-six, the remaining batsmen having best SR with more than 30 avg; seven, wicketkeeper with best SR with avg >25; eight-eleven: two bowlers with best averages among those with economy-rate <4.7-an-over and two among the remaining bowlers with best economy-rate and avg <35.

This week we look at 1992. Using the same teams criteria as 1996, though with the batting qualification reduced to 400 runs and the bowling to 130 overs, as not enough players had managed the normal minimum, here is the team. Dates: 1st January 1991 to 20th January 1992.

The top four with highest avg and SR >60 are:
Inzamam-ul-Haq 406 runs, 67.66 avg, SR 82.52
DC Boon 580 runs, 48.33 avg, SR 60.16
SR Tendulkar 655 runs, 40.93 avg, SR 70.50
RB Richardson 813 runs, 36.95 avg, SR 69.84
The next two are chosen with the best SR, >30 avg:
AR Border 403 runs, 31.00 avg, SR 75.89
K Srikkanth 434 runs, 36.16 avg, SR 75.34

IDS Smith 148 runs, 29.60 avg, SR 133.33

Top three averages with ER <5 are: CJ McDermott 33 wkts @ 13.18, ER 3.33 CL Ambrose 33 wkts @ 20.18, ER 3.40 M Prabhakar 29 wkts @ 22.86, ER 3.95 The last bowler is chosen with the lowest ER and avg <35: SR Waugh 23 wkts @ 25.04, ER 4.07 So putting these in reasonable order:- 1. Srikkanth 2. Tendulkar 3. Richardson 4. Boon 5. Border 6. Inzamam-ul-Haq 7. SR Waugh 8. Smith 9. Prabhakar 10. McDermott 11. Ambrose Has a batsman ever scored a century in each session on the same day?

Yes. On 5th May 1993, Lancashire’s Neil Fairbrother scored 311 runs out of his total of 366 for Lancashire vs. Surrey, which included a century in each session.

How many fours has Sachin Tendulkar hit in the 147 test matches that he has played in?

This has not been recorded with absolute completeness. He is known to have hit at least 1552, but there are early games where boundaries tallies were not recorded, so no record can be regarded as definite.

What is the average scoring-rate across all Test matches ever played?

At the conclusion of England vs. South Africa at Lord’s in 2008, the rate rested at 2.79 per six deliveries. Not all overs were six-ball overs, but the term “scoring-rate” is generally expressed in the modern standard of the six-ball over.

Who scored the most ODI runs in the 1970s and 1980s?

In the ’70s the top scorer was Greg Chappell, with 919 runs, closely followed by Vivian Richards with 883. In the ’80s, Desmond Haynes led the way with the rather larger tally of 5892. Again Richards was second, with 5559.

What is Pakistan’s home ODI record in games with a result?

In 170 games, the men in green have won 107 and lost 62, with a single tie.

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