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Ashes HQ Blog – An Introduction

Welcome to the first installment of Ashes HQ, a blog to capture the highs, lows, events and non-events which comprise an Ashes series. The series of 2009 was a fillip for Test cricket and the 2010/11 summer in Australia has fans and punters alike lining up for more of the same.

The blog is a collaborative, multi-national effort composed of esteemed members of the Cricket Web family: Paul Wood (England), Stuart Wark (England), Neil Pickup (England), Dave Wilson (England), Cameron Burge (Australia), Corey Taylor (Australia), Greg Hawke (Australia), Jack McNamara (Australia), Rob Cribb (Australia), Will Quinn (Ireland) and yours truly, Martyn Corrin also from England.

Over the course of the summer, you’ll be seeing the series through the eyes of the above contributors and we’ll be doing our best to provide balanced commentary but also some of the more off-the-wall happenings which occur in an Ashes summer. Whatever happens, hopefully Australia England cricket is the winner.

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