Simon Taufel tells all on his umpiring career

Simon Taufel

Simon Taufel gave up his white coat at an age when many Test match umpires have still not started their international careers which, given the universal acclaim his ability attracted, was a great pity. That said there is often a consolation to go with disappointment, and in this case it is that Taufel has more time than he might otherwise have to speak to the media, enabling us to catch up with him and chat about his career, his life and all things cricketing.


The unique challenges posed to batsmen

Chanderpaul Graphic

Most sportspeople get the chance to immediately put their mistakes right. Nobody remembers, for example, that the tennis player who surrenders a 40-0 lead as he or she serves for their first Grand Slam title, as long as they eventually overcome their opponent. Nor is it now relevant that a striker squanders a couple of […]


Joginder Singh Rao: The Forgotten Double Hat-trick Hero


Few if any of the huge number of articles/reports (24 scrapbooks full!) I have written over the past 38 years in my career have given me as much personal and professional satisfaction as the exclusive feature on the late hat-trick hero and war veteran Maj. Gen. Joginder Singh Rao which appeared in leading daily Hindustan […]