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Sir Richard Hadlee Interview


CW: In the post-Sobers era, you have been widely considered as one of the four great all-rounders. The others being Kapil Dev, Ian Botham and Imran Khan. Each of you have taken well over 300 wickets and scored over 3000 runs. Who do you consider the greatest all-rounder of all-time? RH: Sobers is regarded as […]


Reon King Interview


“I’m hungry for wickets, and no-one is going to stand in my way.” Those are the words of Guyanese fast bowler Reon King, who was named in the West Indies 30-man squad to prepare for next year’s World Cup. The 27 year-old King, a potent force in the earlier part of his career, lost his […]


David Boon Interview


Having been a member of several successful Australian sides, David Boon has rightfully established himself as one of the greats of the modern game. A tenacious character, a wide array of shots and tight techniaque made David Boon into a player most bowlers found difficult to remove. Since he retired, David Boon has distinguished himself […]


Greg Blewett Interview


On the 10th of April 2002, the Cricket Web staff member Corey Taylor interviewed Greg Blewett and asked him a range of questions from his thoughts and feelings about his Sheffield Shield debut to his prospects of playing for Australia again. At all points through the interview he was lucid, very friendly, and gave detailed […]