Between Shifts


It’s Sunday morning, 11.34. I’ve got 26 minutes spare in which to compose this week’s musings, for that’s about the sum total of my free time between now and this time next week.


Don’t just say it. Do it.


A little bit of double meaning in this week’s column. Firstly, a short update on last week’s musings, and then a few thoughts on the lifeblood of amateur societies the world over, the committee.


Confidence and Hypocrisy


It’s remarkable how two miles and two weeks can spin your life around on its axis, thrusting you from one side of a situation into the other, and forcing you to question everything you think, and everything you believe in.


So, who the heck are you?


It occurred to me this afternoon that I’d never bothered to properly introduce myself in last week’s column. So for those of you who’ve never found yourself being triggered by my right index finger, here’s the first draft of my autobiography.