International Cricket Captain 2001 Review

| International Cricket Captain 2001

ICC has been a revolution for cricket fanatics. Offering top notch simulation, statistics and a reasonable 3D match engine, cricket doesn’t get better than this. The Interface is smooth and looks very professional. It is easy to find what you’re looking for. The tables are also presented nicely to save your eyes when you’re trawling through the various statistics tracked trying to find that winning lineup.

The game really shines with its gameplay. You will be glued to your seat playing as any English County team or 9 of the test playing nations (Bangladesh miss out again). The match screen is presented nicely and shows you all the information you need to know about the match.

The best feature of the game however is the online play. Take your team online and test it agains opponents from around the globe (and get hammered if you are like me 🙁 )

All in all the game really doesn’t warrant an update from 2000 if you have it unless you like the online play, as the 2000 servers have been deserted for the 2001 edition. A great game though, two thumbs up!

GRAPHICS – Adequate : 60/100
SOUND – No in-game music, the commantary is adequate : 60/100
GAMEPLAY – Absolutley Marvellous! : 95/100
LONGEVITY – Lose weeks and your family will hate you : 95/100

OVERALL : A great effort from a small production team : 90/100