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Your gutsy calls for 2019


Hall of Fame Member
After SA win the WC, we go to India and win the Test series.... Markram scoring a ton of runs and Maharaj outbowling all the Indian spinners.

Edit: Oops thought this was the wishes thread.


International Regular
The Hundred to succeed way beyond all our expectations and elevate cricket to an unprecedented level of popularity in England. IPL and BBL to copy the format next time around.


International Regular
the ashes to closely resemble england-india in 2018 with smith playing a lone hand but the rest lollapsing around him.


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Would be pretty surprised. Sure, he might concede a few against one of the bigger teams if he comes on at 100/1 after 12 overs on a road but he'll also clean up a couple of times. He's the real deal.


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sunilz to make one non-junk post by 31.12.19.

It's out there, but I'm prepared to predict it.


International Vice-Captain
My gutsy call is that Alzarri Joseph is going to really announce himself as a world class young bowler this year.