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  • Yeah it is a talking point. Obviously primarily county cricket, but it is also more and more of a problem at club level also. Basically, less of our cricketers are getting overseas exposure. I'd have thought definitely worth looking into.
    Hi Beamer, firstly thanks very much for your reply.

    So this is a talking point within the West Indies ? I didn’t know if the dwindling in numbers was brought about simply because the interest wasn’t there for young (or old) West Indian cricketers to spend a UK summer in five jumpers while everyone tells them this is hot for over here ? Or whether it was a case that the international side have struggled for a while and that’s made them less attractive options in comparison to Aussies or South Africans ?

    Whatever the reasons, if there is genuine interest over there I’d certainly like to look further into it. Thanks very much for the suggestions aswell, yes the WICA would probably be my first port of call and I’ll also explore those other avenues aswell, I’d like to conduct a full investigation into the logistics and possibilities before I try and get on the podcast, but that’s a fantastic idea.

    Thanks very much for your time Beamer!
    Hi Beamer, I know you’re our go to man when it comes to Windies cricket....I’ve set up a cricket exchange agency which if you were interested, you can click on the link in my signature when I post on here to see what it’s all about, i just wanted to know whether you think there would be any interest from young aspiring cricketers in the WI in coming over to the UK for a season in club cricket ? We have plenty of Aussies and South Africans, etc, just wondered if it’s ever on the radar of young WI cricketers ?

    Thanks Beamer!
    Hey mate, saw your post about editing in the WI domestic thread. If you need anything like that again, drop me a VM and I'll get onto it for you.
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