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Your Favourite Cricketer...


International Coach
Sorry if there's a similar thread. In my mind, favorite cricketer doesn't necessarily have to be among the best in the world, he might be someone who we dearly love(d) watching or admire.

My favorite cricket is Mohammad Rafique mainly because I think some memories of my childhood connected with him. When I was growing up and getting into Cricket, he was the one who I loved watching most- either bowling or batting. I met with him several times, he's a great guy and absolute fun to talk to.

Who is your favorite cricketer of all time? Let me make it tougher, you have to name one!​


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I got into cricket pretty late so I don't really have any 'childhood heroes', but around the same time I started following the game, Dale Steyn had just begun to wreak havoc on New Zealand. Still remember reading about his 10 wicket haul and hitting one of the NZers on the chest, then proceeding to browse through all Youtube videos of his. He's probably my favourite now.

I used to really love Irfan Pathan though, especially after I watched his hat trick live. I didn't care about how his stats were padded and how he was vastly overrated because I was just a casual observer. All I knew was that hat trick was the single most awesome moment in cricket I had witnessed up till that point, and it's what got me into following Test cricket more closely.


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Have a soft spot for Rahul Dravid coz he's an ATG bat, a perfect gentleman, and genuinely so, so nice to talk to. One of the few cricketers ive actually had the pleasure of meeting and the only one who i loved instantly. After the England tour last year when he carried himself with utmost dignity and still somehow managed to poke fun at how badly India had played, my affection for him reached an almost at a man-crush level.

Apart from him, Tendulkar, obviously coz his career spans my whole life. Chennai 1999 was one of the first matched i watched live at a venue. Could feel Tendulkar's disappointment after nearly inning it , that too with a bad back. What a hero.
Couldnt control my tears when we lost, but was part of a crowd which applauded Pakistan's lap of honor. Best. Moment. Ever. and its perfectly embedded in my memory forever.

Azharuddin was my favorite and my earliest hero ... until it all came crashing down one tragic day. Bastard broke my heart

Kumble for dismissing Lara with a broken jaw, taking a 10-fer, heroics in Australia in 2003-04

...and Lara coz id watch that guy play over anyone else

I'm sorry, there's just way too many, i should just stop now before it gets out of hand
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The Tiger King
no marks for guessing who my favorite cricketer is :p

have awesome childhood and teen memories associated with him

That awesome run up and leap at the crease. Bringing the world cup and touring with it to collect funds for the cancer hospital. Imran seemed regal as I was growing up. WAG

Also have Wasim, Viv and Shane Warne as people that I really loved watching and were my favorites

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Virat Kohli (c)
Not usually one for posting pictures of my favourite cricketer, but if everyone else is going to do it:



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As much as I have enjoyed watching or reading about Viv, Akram, Gilchrist among others, being an Indian, there is no guessing where my loyalties lie. Dravid runs it close, but there is only one man who I refer to as God, and its Sachin.