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Who's the one player that each side simply can't do without?


Cricketer Of The Year
Obviously both teams have more than one player that is key to their success but which player from each side is just simply irreplaceable at this stage??

For England it's got to be Jimmy. To lose Cook for example would be a massive blow but I think we'd still have the better batting line up even without him. Both Eng and Aus will field very good bowling attacks, but Anderson is the ace card IMO. Take him away from England and the balance of power in the bowling department definately swings heavily Australias way and our attack would look decidedly average.

For the Aussies I'd say a toss up between Clarke and Patto......


International Captain
definitely clarke. our bowlers are all pretty good. the only way we're winning the series is clarke averaging 120 odd and pulling the side to 350 enough times.


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Both teams can't do without a wicketkeeper, though Australia has tried to in recent times with Wade in the role.


The artist formerly known as Monk
Clarke. Our batting's suspect. Plenty of reserve bowling.


International Vice-Captain
Clarke. Needs to be in god mode for us to win or normal mode for us to be competitive. Agree with Anderson for England.


International Vice-Captain
And if this was 1 day cricket he would be in form because that suits him better. He just isn't suited to the demands of test cricket.


I'd actually say Prior is the most vital to England's balance.

As good as Jimmeh A undoubtedly is, we have chaps like Tremmers and Bres ready to step up but there's a real big ****ing drop off in terms of quality for our next stumper.


Global Moderator
Clarke and Prior I'd say. Although England aren't short of able wicketkeepers at the moment (Bairstow could keep, Davies is still around etc.) Prior is still a level above all the alternatives.

Anderson is part of a pack and not a one man band like Prior.


Evil Scotsman
Anderson's the most irreplacable of our side, I swear we had this discussion before the last Ashes.

In theory we should miss others more. But on the rare occasion that we have to do without Jimmeh, or if Jimmeh's having a woeful game, the rest of the bowling attack goes to **** for some reason.


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Finn, Broad and Bresnan aren't the most consistent, so especially over in Australia I think Anderson would probably be the biggest loss. I haven't really seen much of Rankin to comment.