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What is the greatest innings of all time?

Which one though?

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The Gooch innings at Headingley takes some topping from an England point of view. Butcher v Aussies at Headingley too was a brilliant one.


International Coach
Lara 153* vs windies due to my emotional involvement.

Overall I think Laxman 281 for the share shock factor and Gooch 154 for quality of attack and tricky conditions combo.


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Stokes at Headlingly was probably the worst Test hundred I've ever seen. Chris Martin could have tonned up against peak 80s WI if he had as much luck as Stokes did that day


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It's also completely true though. Stokes is an immensely talented cricketer and has played some brilliant innings, a few of which I've seen, but that wasn't one of them. It was ****. He should have been out about a dozen times and about half his runs came from top edged slogs falling into gaps.

His 120 at perth in 2013 was a great innings


Cricketer Of The Year
It was also an innings that cemented Ben Stokes as a game breaker.....has put fear into any opposition and paved the way for the likes of Trent Bridge.

It was and is an iconic innings.