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The "What Is He Smoking" Draft


International 12th Man
For this round, we will encode the alphabet a=1, b=2, c=3... z=26. All players whose name starts with an odd number are valid.

Players who select an invalid player will get the player from the letter 1 down (e.g. B -> A) who has played a minimum of 10 tests who has the closest* batting average to the player selected.

*Without exceeding

Banned players:

Glenn McGrath, Don Bradman, Imran Khan, Garfield Sobers, Steve Smith, Adam Gilchrist, Malcolm Marshall, Shakib Al Hasan, Richard Hadlee, Keith Miller, Jack Hobbs, W. G. Grace, Jacques Kallis, Sydney Barnes, Brian Lara, Len Hutton, Aubrey Faulkner, Fred Trueman, Sachin Tendulkar, Barry Richards, Ian Botham, Wally Hammond


ankitj: Bill O'Reilly
honestbharani: *Ross Edwards
AndrewB: *Sunil Gavaskar
kingkallis: Curtly Ambrose
Pothas: *Rohan Kanhai
Himannv: Dale Steyn
trundler: *John Snow
Marcuss - Muttiah Muralitharan
morgieb - *Virender Sehwag
ataraxia - *Qasim Umar
weeman27bob - *Corey Anderson
Michaelf7777777 - *Neville Quinn
JOJOXI - Kapil Dev
srbhkshk - *Gordon Greenidge
He counted as K as D would've been even and ineligible - I'm not certain on the technicalities for this situation though


Whatever it takes!!!
Then its fine. I guess I was mistaken as I seemed to recall discussion in an earlier round where I thought we were taking surnames of the players and so Kapil would have been a D. If he was consider K for the purposes of this draft in its entirety, then no issues.


Hall of Fame Member
I think its to do with format of given names so Shoaib counts as S (Kapil Dev, counted as starting as an odd numbered letter for me before) but will see clarification later as heading to bed
Correct. Pakistanis first names are the names used for alphabetical ordering.


Hall of Fame Member
Kingkallis - Virender Sehwag
srbhkshk - Dave Warner
Jojoxi - Hugh Tayfield
Ankitj - Matthew Hayden
Pothas - Don Bradman
Marcuss - Bruce Mitchell
morgieb - Fred Spofforth
AndrewB - Jeff Thomson
Ataraxia - Stan McCabe
honestbharani - Jacques Kallis
Himannv - Mike Hussey
Michaelf7777777 - Sid Barnes
weeman27bob - Ellyse Perry
trundler - Courtney Walsh
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