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The "What Is He Smoking" Draft


Hall of Fame Member
Ok for this draft I want to go a bit crazy with the rules.

In that I'm not telling you the rules beforehand. Each round you will select a player, as you would in every other draft. At the end of each round I will announce the rule for the round. Now so that you know I'm not making the rule up after each round, I will PM a neutral party with the rule. They are not to spoil the rule for the rest of the participants.

There will be some rules which mean players who have been selected are not valid. If you select an invalid player, I will assign you a replacement. I will specify the rules for the replacements as part of the rule. Invalid picks will be banned for the rest of the draft unless I specify otherwise.

I will provide an example that will not be in the game.

The sample rule is that you must pick a player who has taken no more than 100 wickets. Illegal picks get replaced with the eligible player with the most wickets (ties broken by alphabetical order).

Player A takes Bradman
Player B takes Marshall
Player C takes Hadlee

Player A keeps Bradman
Player B losses Marshall and instead gets Abdul Razzaq
Player C losses Hadlee and instead gets Colin Blythe

The point of this draft is to try and draft the best side you can without knowing the rules. It is going to be chaotic and fun and isn't meant to be too serious.

Of course I won't be participating directly.
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Whatever it takes!!!
And you can actually put out the rules well before the game starts anyways... else just PM to someone neutral, like maybe @Magrat Garlick just so that she will have your back at the end if someone claims shenanigans?


Cricketer Of The Year
Best idea I've seen for a cricket draft ever. I should sit out of this one though. Wouldn't have been able to resist if this was ODIs or T20s.


Hall of Fame Member
I'd suggest having extra rounds at the end instead of giving people replacement spuds when their picks didn't work too.
I want the nonsense to be front and centre so I want people to make accidental incorrect picks and get stuck with random players.


Hall of Fame Member
Best idea I've seen for a cricket draft ever. I should sit out of this one though. Wouldn't have been able to resist if this was ODIs or T20s.
Just join. It won't take much time. You don't even have to research. Just pick someone once every couple of days.