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The "I told you so" and "I was wrong" Thread.


Cricketer Of The Year
Thought this might be a bit of fun as the series progresses for us armchair selectors and commentators to use this thread to brag about what we got right and also fess up to our shockers. Try and keep any predictions or future judgement calls out of it, this is just to reflect on past calls and how they panned out.

I'll get the ball rolling with what I got wrong.......

Peter Siddle

Was fairly vocal that he was the Aussie bowler I feared least and had him behind Bird and Harris in the pecking order. Took 8/135 for the test and was outstanding, only bettered by a herculean effort by JImmy as best bowler in the test.

Steven Finn

Had a fairly robust debate with Finns biggest fan here (Scaly) prior to the series start that Finn was rightly a lock in for the 3rd seamers spot. The boy had an absolute nightmare and was a liability for the most part......if England had of lost this test the finger would have been pointed firmly at Finn. Can not play at Lords.

Scaly....I bow before you.

But what I got right.........


Hated the selection of Bairstow and never wanted Root at the top of the order, I think it's fair to say no part of this triangle really worked out......Root never looked comfortable and Bairstow is simply not good enough. Can't see the selectors changing this one for Lords but I really think Compton has been stiffed big time.


Not as clear cut this one because I don't think he had a shocker as such but he was probably the poorest of the Aussie quicks in the test. I said before the start that he'll get you wickets but he'll also be a pressure release for our bats at times........I think that turned out to be the case.

Ian Bell

More a judgement call as his selection was never in doubt........not too much to say here except I was right, Uvo and Burgey were wrong. That's is all.


International Coach
I told you so:

Siddle: what a champ.

Starc v Cook: while Starc wasn't terrible, he lacked the consistency to really attack Cook's technical frailties outside the off stump.

I was wrong

Australia's batting: at the start of this match I didn't think Australia would score nearly enough run's to threaten England.

Swann: Really thought he'd be crucial in the 2nd innings. Still backing him to win a few games by the end of the year.

the big bambino

International Captain
I had Siddle in my side but not as a lock. I definately had Patpat and Bird and only picked Siddle because he is fitter than the guy pressing him imo, Harris. So not wrong but I condemn the jelliness of my spine.

I'm as much a fan of Finn as convict can be and I still believe in him. Despite his poor 2nd innings I'd still pick him for Lords. Hopefully I'll have to confess that one too by the end of the 2nd test.

Our batting: Still toilet as everyone knows, but: I don't like Clarke at anywhere other than 5. I think this game and his prior record shows he should go back there.

Bad guys batting: Would've had Compton for Root for Bairstow though I don't think its a selection howler.

EDIT: Wouldn't have picked Agar meself.
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Cricketer Of The Year
I was against Cowan being selected since the end of the tour games, and I think I had a point, I was wrong about Agar though, I thought he was too young to be thrown into things, but he has an amazing temperament and he bowled impressively, I'm not sure Lyon would've done any better.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Always said Siddle would and should play.

Knew the Aussie top order wasn't good enough unless Clarke fired.

Was wrong about Finn and he needs dropping.


Cricketer Of The Year
its a proven fact
Unlike your signature Uvo!!

I was hoping this thread could be a place where we could come and confess our stuff ups......apparently you're not the sort that can admit they're wrong eh:p

Not a great idea after 1 Test tbh.
It can be an ongoing theme, naturally it's too early to call series success, but if say Bell goes for a pair next test Uvo can come in here and give it to me double!!


International Regular
I was wrong about Bell. Been on the glorious h8 train there for years and years (still am, really).


International Vice-Captain
Yeah I wanted Siddle dropped but he was well worth his spot. Good to see him moving the ball again.


Evil Scotsman
Is about Siddle, many wanted him dropped yet he was the best bowler for long periods (Pattinson may have a case but didn't get wickets) and is a solid dependable guy to have in a team.
I've backed both Siddle and Hughes from an Australian point of view but it would be ****ing stupid for me to go 'nah nah told you so' after one Test when they could play like spastics for 4 Tests.


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Starcs overrated as a test bowler at this point IMO.

very god white nut bowler but hasn't done anything to have his spot ahead of Bird or Harris IMO.

Cooky Monster

U19 12th Man
I was giving Bell a bit of a hard time after his first innings, wasn't saying he should be dropped or anything if he failed in the 2nd but more that if he doesn't perform in this series his place in the side should come under consideration for the tour down under.

Still think he has been really lucky at times in his career that we haven't really had anyone to push him for his place, maybe he has needed that competition at times, players in all sports can get a bit too comfortable if they know theres no chance of them being dropped/no competition for their place in the team.

Delighted for Bell though, great knock when we needed it most, made the difference, long may it continue.
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Y no Afghanistan flag
The events from the first two Tests completely justifies why I thought it was complete madness that people were seriously suggesting Siddle shouldn't (say that 5 times quickly) be in the First Test team.

Cooky Monster

U19 12th Man
Siddles unfashionable isn't he, similar to Bresnan in that regard, neither really excite but both do their job well more often than not.