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The Final (and 3rd place play off)

Who will win the final?

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I suppose if Ioane can't make points for my fantasy team at least he can at least stop Smith from making so many.

Imagine having Ben Smith just lying around and not picking him though.


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When you see them play like this it makes you appreciate just how good England were last week to stop them playing at all.


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Have to credit the Welsh for continuing to play rugby and give the fans something to cheer. Haven't rolled over despite getting flattened either side of half time.


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Second half was terrible, all those ping pong passes going nowhere, reminded me of this:

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A good, entertaining match, and a fitting farewell to some great players. Sonny Bill Williams had a great match and I reckon he'll be an asset to the Toronto Wolfpack in Superleague next season when he switches codes (again). Looking forward to seeing him play over here.


International Coach
I've got to work tomorrow so will miss most of it...have a ****ing brilliant morning/evening. Whatever the result, lets hope it's not England :ph34r:

Bring on France 2023, I fully intend on attending a truckload of it, if not, try and work at it.


****ting myself here. Keep telling myself we should have this, but have sense of impending doom.

Although, as an English sports fan, that's pretty much my default setting.


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Think this is the end of Sinks's final. Looks a bad one.
Yep. Big loss, has been excellent this tournament and that first scrum was ominous from England's POV...

On the other hand, SA really should be 6-0 up and have blown both opportunities.


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Just arrived back from the early morning dog walk... the smell of bacon frying in the air.. what is this pessimism here..I hate that as an English person, it somehow floats to the surface no matter what..


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It'll be pretty incredible if England get out of this half at this score or better. Really, really one-sided so far save for some wastefulness by the Boks.