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The Final (and 3rd place play off)

Who will win the final?

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Hall of Fame Member
I would quite happily take just about any other ref besides the french ones... Barnes would have been a good choice, let the french ref the inconsequential 3rd/4th place.


i do enjoy our adoption of japan as one of our own because of their play style. no wonder south africa want to leave for the north.

i'd be happy to swap and take the japanese yen but south africa are our truest rival, are a great occassion to play with the games historically being close and also they're useful for getting work against ****ing big ****s. argentinian forwards have lost some of their ****ery and australia don't really do tight 5s, they subsist off of loose forwards like non-crusaders nz super rugby teams do.


Hall of Fame Member
19- Could not remember 3 of SA's. Prop. Wing and no 8. Remembered the main Eng boys .

I was living in Eng during that WC, jumping up and down on partners couch, who up until that WC had never watched rugby in her life; laughed herself silly all the way through that WC at my behaviour. I could barely watch the final. Oh, to be young again.


22/30, although I'm claiming 23 as it wouldn't take my spelling of the English scrum half.

Missed the entire Bok back row though.


Audio File
Both sides throwing it around a bit. Good for the neutral.

Patch's try scoring pass to Amos was a thing of magnificence.


Stuck at work so can't watch it, but sounds as if Ben Smith is making a strong case for a spot in the semi-final.

Now, once Hansen has that time machine... :ph34r: