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Second Favorites


U19 Cricketer
Which test-playing nation do you support other than your own?

What I'm looking for is a quick survey where you say what test-playing nation you're from and support, and then what your second favorite is.

What I'm hoping to find out is:

1) who are the nice guys, the guys we all secretly hope to see doing well, regardless of where we come from; and

2) who are the second favorites of people from each nation -- for example who do Aussies support as their second choice, or whether South Africans root for Zimbabwe, etc.

Please post
1) your nationality
2) your second favorite test nation

(apologies to people from countries that don't play cricket -- just vote for haddock or something)

So, me first

FROM: England


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From......New Zealand

2nd fav teams......West Indies/Australia tied (like 1960 :D )

Pakistan a close 3rd

followed by

4th England
5th Sri Lanka
6th India
7th South Africa

Sorry I'm not counting the minnows
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I'm English & I don't really have a second team as such. I like to support the underdog or, at least, who I perceive to be the underdog.

When Bangladesh turned over The Aussies in that ODI it was a great moment for the sport &, from other sports, I also have found memories of Western Samoa (as was) beating Wales in the 1991 Rugby Union World Cup (although Samoa had a pretty decent side back then including Frank Bunce, Stephen Bachop & Apollo Perelini) &, of course, grown men wept tears of joy openly in the streets when a 9 man Cameroon turned over then World Champs Argentina (avec stumpy drugs cheat and all!) in Italy in 1990. :D


International Regular
Nationality: Pakistan
Second Favorites: New Zealand (They have taken the place of Zimbabwe since 2001)


International Vice-Captain
i'm enlgish,my second favourite team used to be NZ,.but now its probably australia now we've beaten them.

i allways like to see Taibu do well because of all the trouble he's had captaning ZIM(he got death threats) and anyone form the minnow countries.

Seeing Mike Hussey get his first 100 was a great because i thought he deserved to play for AUS a long time ago.


Hall of Fame Member
From: England
2nd Favourites: Anywhere that doesn't persecute you for liking the *** Pistols.


Global Moderator
Support: Pakistan
Second team: West Indies and apart from these two months, the current England team. So you can imagine how much I am enjoying this series. :D


International Debutant
From: England with New Zealand citizenship
Second: Zimbabwe. Sometimes, Zim win out over those two. Actually, pretty much all the time.
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