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Scorecard Draft III - Voting Thread

Vote for your top 3 teams

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International Coach
This is a multi-choice poll. Vote for your top 3 teams!

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Joe takes an early lead.

I reckon Himannv has the most well-balanced side here. Really well put together.

Close call between Weldone and Pothas for the third spot, weldone unlucky to miss out.


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I mean, I have Richards and Chappell. And the greatest number 5 ever.


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Is it only me who can't see all the teams in the OP. Tinypic message says the image has been moved or deleted.


The Tiger King
Eds XI has Imran leading it and Lloyd as his deputy so their leadership will see the team through under all circumstances :D

Other than that

Ankit, GI, and Weldone have pretty good teams


International Regular
One vote. Thought I did better than that on this one. Better team than the draft I won tbh.
I think your team is definitely being under-rated. Some top players there, and massive number of bowling options.
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International Captain
My top two definately 8ankitj and Himannv, the last spot between Weldone, Blakus and Pothas. Voted for Blakus though and others weren't there when I voted,


International Captain
Might not seem relevant, but for G.I.Joe, any reason you chose Jaradine over Worrell as your captain. Not disputing just curious.