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I'm hoping Argentina either gas or lose discipline in the second half, those are the big risks when playing such an adrenaline fuelled game. Already let us back into it with an unnecessary yellow and they're giving away enough penalties that any sustained pressure from us at all will result in another binning.

Needs a big improvement on our part too though.

Scaly piscine

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Right call, blatant yellow. Scotland ripe to be paddled here.

Laughable that people are saying that's not deliberate. It may be somewhat instinctive but so might be punching someone in the face and you still get in trouble for it.
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Great match but pretty poor from wobblies - like a reminder of the bad "old" days in the way we mixed good and bad

Thought Beale was exceptional - he might be a loose cannon off the field but there is little doubt as to his talent
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Dire refereeing but that's not how Ireland let in 40 points.
Aye when you're relying on the other side getting sent off for stupid ****, you don't deserve to be in the semis.

Hate to say it but Scotland bottled that hard. Can only imagine the lols if SA played out a 2 point lead like that. Such a shame because it was a great performance up to then.