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Phillip Hughes CW support banner at Melbourne and Sydney Test match

Where should the left over money be donated?

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Evil Scotsman
Why not donate the money to his junior club as well? No idea how much is left in the fund but if it helps buy a couple of new cricket balls or a pair of communal pads for some of the kids now playing the game then I reckon that's the most appropriate thing you could do with the money.


Cricket Web Owner
Sorry for the delayed response guys, been getting over the man flu.

We received a total of $490.65 in donations and spent $204 on the banners leaving us a total donation amount of $286.65.

I quite like Furball's and Smudge's idea of donating it to his junior club so it can go towards youngsters cricket balls, pads, and other cricket equipment, etc.

What's the plan with the banner also? Shall I ask the local club about sending them it or....?


Cricket Web Owner
I've just sent an email to all the people who contributed advising them to check this thread to offer up suggestions also.


Hall of Fame Member
What's the plan with the banner also? Shall I ask the local club about sending them it or....?
My suggestion was to send the banner to his old club. Furball had the idea about donating the cash to the club. I think that makes sense.


Cricket Web Owner
I've just created a poll for people to vote on where they'd like the money to go and based on the result, that is what will happen.

The poll is open for 10 days.


Cricketer Of The Year
Great idea for the poll James.

I'm in favour of donating the cash and the flag to his junior club.........as I suspect the money will go further for them and will also mean more (with the flag) on a personal level.


Cricket Web Owner
I've heard back already from Thomas :)

Hi James,

Thank you for your generosity. It's been a tough time for our club, lots of very upset young cricketers.

Thanks also for the banner it looks really good, the kids will love it. When cricket starts up again I will send you a photo of it with all the kids.

I'll post a screen-print of the payment when I put it through.


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
This is amazing. The banner will serve to motivate young cricketers. Lovely really.
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