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Peter Roebuck dies


International Regular
Actually met him a few times when I was writing for this website - he sent me a few emails with a few tips and got me to help him do some research for a few of his articles.

A misunderstood individual - a lot of stuff said about him that wasn't real nice. But a very helpful, caring person, one of the nicest people I've met in cricket.

Sad news. RIP.


International Debutant
From SMH

The acclaimed cricket writer Peter Roebuck has been found dead at a hotel in Newlands, South Africa. Roebuck, a writer for*The Sydney Morning Herald*and*The Age, was 55. He played for the English county Somerset, made a home in Australia, and built a reputation as the best columnist on the sport. He travelled widely with the Australian team, and was also a radio commentator for the ABCs. It is believed he was spoken to by police earlier in the day. More to come.


Whatever it takes!!!
Sad news.. :( Not a fan of his writing but I know many were and his columns were widely read even in India..

Looks like a bit of a story as well with some hints of police involvement. Hope things are not as bad as I imagine them to be.

RIP :(


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Didn't always agree with what he wrote but enjoyed reading his stuff. 55 is far too young.


Cricketer Of The Year
Terrible news. I thoroughly disagreed with him on some points, but there's no doubting the love he had for the sport and the long game in particular. I really enjoyed his commentary too. Cricket on ABC grandstand just isn't going to be the same this summer :(

Just absolutely ****house news :( RIP.


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There's no way that a guy aged 55, particularly without any known health problems, should die in this common age. He was also a bloody good cricket writer, and definitely one of the smartest cricketers ever.

RIP :(


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Real shame. I was always a fan of both his commentary & his writing style & was very much looking forward to listening to him cover the upcoming NZ/Aus series.



International Captain
That is stunning.

Of course I didn't agree with everything he wrote, but he talked a lot of sense and his absolute passion for the game was always obvious. The police involvement does obviously open questions but best to leave that alone. His support for disadvantaged cricketers especially in Zimbabwe and his forthright and fearless attitude should be his memorial.


International Regular

While it is no secret I didn't like him as a person, some of what he wrote was very good.


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Wow, he'd apparently been spoken to by police earlier in the day...sounds a bit dicey

Noble One

International Vice-Captain
Very sad news. Roebuck as a commentator was pure class. He was in fine form behind the microphone in South Africa.

Cricket in Australia has become even the more darker with his passing.


Y no Afghanistan flag
I'm completely shocked. I enjoyed his articles and unique style of writing immensely.

His ABC commentary voice was so soothing and fresh, a huge lose to the Cricketing world. It's kind of fitting that the last Test he watched was one that people will remember forever.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Wow. Out of the blue tstl.
Wasn't always a fan of his writing but from all reports was a fantastic commentator. Also, as has been mentioned - 55 is far too young.