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PCB Hands Out Bans - Discussion and Aftermath


The Wheel is Forever
Makes little sense to drop Yousuf as a batsman? Scapegoat anyone? Especially as the guy having a cricket ball for breakfast got only six months.....of probation.
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Another one for the "funny if it wasnt so sad" basket that is Pakistani cricket

We lost, so let's ban everyone :wacko:


State Regular
Ya i am shocked.. what did yousuf and younis do to deserve that..

I wanted rana and malik ban for life...

I just feel sad about younis khan... one of the most honest man and yet getting treated like this...


Pak cricket is ridiculous. Shoiab did drugs, they find a loophole to keep him playing, then he speaks out against the board and they give him a five year ban.

Asif goes to jail in Dubai, they get him out, little to no punishment. Now something's happened with Y&Y (which probably isn't match fixing or Y&Y wouldn't be able to play lower level cricket either) and they get hung out to dry.

No consistency and it's either one extreme or the other, they either brush things under the carpet or completely overreact.
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International Debutant
Lol.... Pcb seriousally life ban for yousuf and younis for what?
Players that shouldve been banned didn't get it...

I give it 24 hours before the backflip....


The Wheel is Forever
Haha yea, announcement that says they were merely "resting" Younis and Yousuf to come next week.

Obviously with all the international cricket Pakistan plays these days, it would make sense to rest the senior players.....

Yousuf got a life ban for losing a series because his keeper couldn't catch, while Afridi got six months (of probation, and not a ban) for doing something that will forever be pointed at when even the suspicion of cheating ever comes near the Pakistani cricket team. That's just beyond hilarious.
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There must have been a lot going on in Australia for this kind of response. Wish the report is made public. But seriously this would weaken the Pakistani team a lot. Yousuf and Malik won them their game against India in champions trophy. With them and Younis also gone the team looks very depleted.


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Also, why the **** weren't the Akmals and Afridi banned. That's an even bigger farce IMO.


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According to The News (aka Jung) :-

Butt promises action against Oz tour culprits

Butt himself promised that the PCB will take more than substantial action against the players found responsible for Pakistan’s poor showing Down Under. “We are looking at fines and bans as punishment and the action that we will take will definitely be more than significant,”

Sources told ‘The News’ that there is a big possibility that the PCB will implement the recommendation but will allow the players to appeal against the action. “The players might be given a relief once they file an appeal against the action,” said the source.

Hahahaha, what load of rubbish.


U19 Captain
Honestly the media should refrain from reporting these bans until and after PCB has dealt with the appeals...

Also Younis always seemed a humble and honest bloke, I could care less about the rest on that list though.