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Pat Cummins receives highest honour in world cricket - Australian Test Captaincy


Whatever it takes!!!
thanks mate.

One good thing for Australia is that Finch is still around as the LO captain. As long as they can find another guy to take over from Finch for the LO formats, Cummins can manage his workload in those formats and continue the test captaincy.

Shady Slim

Cricketer Of The Year
I know Smith is a little "eccentric" (not to Labuschagne levels mind you), but tbh nobody from the current team appears to me to be anything other than a sheltered athlete. Keep in mind these people have never had to do a normal 9-5 day ever

Paine was meant to be the adult in the room to guide the dillusionioned group of blokes out of this debacle and look what kind of person he turned out to be
nah he was just proper not very good at captaining tbh. mind you that's not his fault, he got the captaincy as designated best batsman rather than for being a recognised leader, but like the smith tenure was characterised by racking up wins at home with a HTB squad and then not having an answer overseas for when plan A didn't work as it intended to, or for that matter at home like in the series against the saffers. when you're the captain of the national side, especially one as competitive and proud as the aussie side, you can't just be a plan a guy only, gotta have a plan b


Hall of Fame Member
Something felt off from Paine from the moment in The Test Amazon series where he has that super dramatic chat with Langer about sledging Kohli


International Captain
Feel bad for the most likeable bloke in Australian cricket with nobody even coming close.

Too much responsibility on his shoulders to uplift the fake alpha spirit of Australian cricket.


Norwood's on Fire
I don’t believe fast bowlers should be captain but I guess there wasn’t much else in the way of choice. Good luck to him


Hall of Fame Member
There’s been a few good fast bowling captains e.g. Imran & Willis

Very few alternatives anyway

Smith - pr nightmare and wasn’t particularly good anyway

Warner -:laugh:

Usman - looking like he won’t make the team

Marnus - makes Smith look normal

Lyon - don’t want to touch his personal life

Head - probably next cab


International Coach
Not a fan of bowlers being captain generally speaking, but he's probably the best option available.


International Captain
It is the highest honour after all. You are succeeding someone who didn't know what his team mates were doing with the ball, and another who showed to the world exactly where his balls were.
The standards have plummeted ever since AB resigned from this throne. It's only been one way since then, the way down. And yes, based on the standards set by the last two skippers, this is the highest honour from the bottom of the scale.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
In not sure if Head really comes across as a particularly sharp tool. He should also work on his batting before thinking of the captaincy.