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***Official*** West Indies in New Zealand 2017


International Vice-Captain
Ferguson looks a good prospect based on his performance here. Will be interested to see if he gets a game.

This has been an excellent warm up against decent opposition and I'm sure Stuart law will be pleased. They have a decision to make on Blackwood or Hetmeyer and they would have preferred Powell to get time in the middle but everything else has gone according to plan and we're in pretty good shape.


International Captain
The group of players that bridged the gap between Williamson/Latham and someone like Glenn Phillips definitely lost a bit with the drop in form of Will Young and Popli. There's not many names that deserved A team selection when it was originally announced.
I had high hopes for that group of Canterbury batsman that came through 2-3 years ago, lead by Ken McClure and Leo Carter. Seems they would rather piss away a chance of a good international career though.


International Vice-Captain
So what lineups are we now looking at a couple of days away from the test?


Blundell (WK)
De Grandhomme


Dowrich (wk)


Hall of Fame Member
Jayzus, without Watling in at 6 that batting lineup looks horrendously short.

Southee out of the 1st test. Henry and Ferguson on standby. I do wonder whether Henry's added value with the bat might tip the scales in his favour.


U19 Captain
Shouldn't be enough considering form. Picking a bowler over another to try and bank an extra 10-20 potential runs a innings is bad selection IMO. Wouldn't be too surprised though..

Poor old Henry, he must be frustrated!

straw man

Hall of Fame Member
Henry is short of matches - he should really have played the NZ A match tbh, especially after two of the development prospects injured themselves.

I would go Ferguson.


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Yeah, gotta pick Ferguson. Including the NZ A game, 26 wickets this season @ 16.34.

He's not awful with the bat either, averaging 16 in FC. Probably no worse than Southee these days.


Hall of Fame Member
Yeah, I do still reckon he's a really good ODI bowler given the right conditions. But he's just never consistently hit the right length in test cricket, and he's probably not as quick as he was when he debuted either.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
I was a big fan, and still am to some extent. Seemed like if he could get it right he'd be irresistible - 140+ clicks with bounce and movement. But like a few of our quicks post WC he's just gone backwards.


U19 Captain
Agreed, wish they just chucked him in at Canterbury and give him until the new year to get some good consistent cricket under his belt. Becoming the Mid 2000's era Jeetan Patel Super sub.


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Seems like a Kiwi version of Chris Woakes. Lots of nice attributes but nothing truly amazing that sorts him from the chaff, and therefore needs to be in really good form to be a threat at international level.