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**Official** West Indies in England 2012


Y no Afghanistan flag
Don't England have a plan b? I don't know why the bowlers don't try more things. Incredible innings, so gun from the likeable Best. Hopefully he bowls well or else this might be his last Test still.


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Oh my, the depth of this England bowling! The depth!

Lol, Tino Best
Yep, it's been pretty much demolished by this partnership, think Onions, Bres and Finn are very good supporting bowlers, but we clearly desperately need our spearheads.

Anything that makes Botham look a fool, though, can't be that bad a thing.


The game has stopped as Best wants a chest guard brought out. He's done okay without one for 80-odd runs. Ironically, in some ways, the equipment was brought out by Kirk Edwards who has scored 20 runs on the whole tour
Perhaps Kirk should take up pace bowling.

He can't be any worse than the other Edwards.


International Debutant
cricinfo said:
Here's Matthew: "For all this talk of how badly England has bowled this morning, if it were any other side, the focus would be on how well Ramdin and Best have batted and not the quality of the bowling. Not really fair, I think."
Guys, tell me who this applies to 8-)


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Guys, tell me who this applies to 8-)
Not sure really, I think I congratulated Ramdin, but the conversation had been about our depth in bowling before, so I think it's right to say that we may have been wrong.

If you honestly think any other Test nation wouldn't be a bit pissed off at a number xi getting the highest ever score, your wrong IMHO, even Banglas would be humiliated.