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**Official** Super 8 Group 1 Discussion - Eng, WI, SL and NZ

straw man

International Coach
Almost an excellent French cut there.

Our lower order hitting is definitely a weakness in this side. Even weaker when you promote Oram over Franklin too 8-)


Not Terrible
Haha Franklin why didn't you run the second straight away? Trying to preserve the specialist #8s average. WAG.


International Coach
Poor effort in the last 2 overs, but great bowling from SL. Contrast that to the 32 we conceded against Pakistan on Sunday, and you really see why they're a top team.

Sri Lanka to win with 4 balls to spare.


International Captain
Seriously how in the world could you justify Oram over Franklin and McCullum over Williamson? Spastic decisions like that cost us making 180+


International Debutant
Sigh, we were looking on target for 190 at one point. Going to need to bowl well methinks. And not drop any catches.

Scaly piscine

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Sounds like the sort of conditions where NZ should look to attack rather than defend. Sri Lanka genuinely beat the bat a few times in the early overs but didn't make it count. I can't see NZ building run-rate pressure without taking wickets.