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**Official** Semis and Final Thread


International Debutant
What a fascinating game. A classic SL spin choke which all but won them the game after 10 overs. A brilliant counter-attack by Samuels against Malinga. And now Pollard comes in who could definitely turn this game around in the last 6 overs. 12 an over and SL are close to 150 which could be competitive in a final.


International Captain
Wow Taufel really missed that.
Standing in his last match of course, shame.

You know you're getting on when people younger than you are retiring from umpiring.

Nice take there at the second attempt!
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Lone hand from Samuels then, pretty much.

Gorge cut there; gave himself room and went through with it when Malinga pushed it wide.

EDIT: & top edges a six. Not quite so nice, but you'd take 'em.

2nd EDIT: That's a Dorothy. Middled and massive.
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International Captain
Malinga 2.4-0--37-0, Kulasekera 2-0-7-0. Doesn't seem any reason to give Curly another over.