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**Official** Semis and Final Thread


School Boy/Girl Captain
Pakistan have to be favs from here, if only because they will be playing at Colombo where the pitches have taken turn. Their spin attack is wonderful, could actually bowl 16 overs of high quality spin with Hasan, Hafeez, Afridi and Ajmal. Batting isn't great but you only need about 140-150 and Pakistan will always be favourites with their bowling attack. If anyone can stop them then it's probably Sri Lanka. Whoever wins that SL-PAK match is my pick.


The Tiger King
Aus have a pretty good bowling attack and the fact that they play so well under pressure probably makes them favorites


Global Moderator
Thursday and Friday. Same time all the early day games (such as Aus v SA and Aus v Pak) have been starting.

Final on Sunday obvs.

Scaly piscine

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isn't it later than the early starts? I think it starts 11pm or something here
Much later, to the point that they're starting about the time those games finished (3 1/2 hours later). They're starting half an hour early than the later games started, the semis and final are all at this new time.

Basically the later time was the cash cow slot - it's why India played all their super eight games in the later slot.
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