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*Official* Quarter Finals Thread


Argentina now have the most world cup shootout wins with 5, ahead of Germany (West or otherwise) and Croatia with 4 each.

Netherlands join England and Italy on three world cup shootout defeats, with Spain being 'top' on 4.
Kinda depressing that Croatia made the final in Russia and now the semis this time around and we're the only team they've beaten without recourse to pens.

And even that was AET.


Cricketer Of The Year
Please let that be the end of the penalties.........I can't handle going through that tomorrow.


The Wheel is Forever
Can't wait until France vs. England. I will have to support England because the opposition if France. The best matchup so far in the WC?


International Vice-Captain
Argentina acting like entitled arseholes? Shocking.

What happened with that late yellow during the shootout? Got no details or coverage of it? LVG messed about and was behind so goes route 1 and it works. Then he reverts to what didn’t work and goes out on pens. He may think he was great vs the USA but this was poor.


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Messi going in two footed on the ref in the post match interview.
I knew the refereeing would be abysmal as soon as I saw it was lahoz. Amazed he got picked for a world cup, guy routinely ruins games in La Liga with brain dead refereeing.