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*Official* - Final - India v Sri Lanka

Who will win the World Cup?

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Blaze 18

Points out of ten for team India.

1) Virender Sehwag - 6

Brilliant in the first game against Bangladesh and played a crucial little knock against Pakistan. There was little in between though - just that breezy knock against South Africa.

2) Sachin Tendulkar - 8

A pretty good World Cup for the little master : Two brilliant hundreds against England and South Africa to go with crucial fifties against Australia and Pakistan in the knockout matches.

3) Gautham Gambhir - 7

Found a lot of terrible ways to get out, but he did make a fair few useful contributions. His knock today was excellent.

4) Virat Kohli - 4

Disappointed that he did little of note after that century against Bangladesh.

5) MS Dhoni - 6

While he was poor with the bat in the first eight games, he made sure he got the job done in the final.

6) Yuvraj Singh - 10

To say that he was India's best bowler after Zaheer for the majority of the tournament wouldn't be far off from the truth. 4 MoM awards and the MOTS award = ten points.

7) Suresh Raina - 8

Only got to bat in two of the three matches and he came up with useful little knocks in both matches (he wasn't dismissed in either of the two matches was he?).

8) Harbhajan Singh - 5

I am disappointed by his performance to be honest. I feel he could have done a lot better; he's supposed to be our premier spinner.

9) Zaheer Khan - 8

The joint highest wicket-taker along with Pakistan's captain. He was easily India's best bowler. India turned to Zaheer whenever they needed a wicket - and he delivered almost every single time. He was brilliant for the large part in the final as well; a pity the late onslaught from Perera and Jaywardene screwed his figures.

10) Munaf Patel - 6

He's been okay as India's fourth bowler. No more, no less.

11) Shantakumaran Sreesanth - 2

He played the first match and the last match - and was rubbish in both matches. He does seem to be some kind of a lucky charm for India though, as Sunil Gavaskar mentioned. Incredible as it may seem, he's now managed what Richard Hadlee, Allan Donald, Waqar Younis, Shoaib Akhtar, Courtney Walsh, Shaun Pollock and Courtney Ambrose never did. Cricket is a funny game indeed!

12) Yousuf Pathan - 4

Never really got going in the three or four matches that he played, but he mostly came in with the team needing him to go crazy from ball one. As far as I am concerned, he's still a fair shout for the number seven spot. With Tendulkar supposedly retiring from ODI cricket, our future batting line-up should be : Sehwag, Gambhir, Kohli, Yuvraj, Dhoni, Raina, Yousuf.

13) Piyush Chawla - 2

One word : rubbish

14) Ashish Nehra - 5

He was much maligned after that last over against South Africa, but he came back strongly in the match against Pakistan. Had he been fully fit, he would have almost certainly played ahead of Sreesanth in the final.

15) Ravichandran Ashwin - 7

Very impressive in the two matches he did play (West Indies and Australia). A real prospect - perhaps even for Test matches.
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International Captain
I reckon the main reason India won this was because the squad was really together. You could see that from the celebrations at the end, which weren't over-the-top exuberance or self-congratulatory, but celebratory as a team - everyone in the post-match interviews kept repeating how they "did this for Sachin", which wouldn't have been their overwhelming mindset, but still would have added to team spirit. Despite not having the strongest bowling line up and possibly the worst fielding of any test nation, they restricted most teams incredibly well with what they had, and obviously Yuvraj coming into form was key as well.

If you look at the performances in the knock-outs, it was all-round contributions that really forced the victory - restricting the total to a manageable size in the quarter final and final, before chasing it relatively comfortably, and knocking Pakistan over for a low score having got only a reasonable first innings score. It wasn't individual performances that won the World Cup (despite Yuvraj's consistent efforts), it was having such a good team spirit. For me, at least.


Virat Kohli (c)
haha but you didn't watch at all from 8pm?

Missed an absolute gem of an innings from Mahela.


Virat Kohli (c)
8) Harbhajan Singh - 5

I was disappointed by his performance to be honest. I feel he could have done a lot better; he's supposed to be our premier spinner.
Zaheer, Yuvraj and our top order batting really covered his arse. He was absolute crud for much of the tournament.

Is basically no longer a wicket taking option.


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Just read through the thread (posted on the phone during the match so only saw the odd post).

Lol @ Burgey's piss poor posting. Glad to see he was left disappointed.

Social trying to tackle Tendulkar_200, an obvious troll, all match was ****ing odd as well :laugh: Talk about a waste of time.

Also, wow @ Benchy's call regarding SL getting 276. So close.
Jono.. Apparently the arbiter of posting taste.

When it suits him, of course.

Rarely seen a horse so selectively high....


Virat Kohli (c)
Jono.. Apparently the arbiter of posting taste.

When it suits him, of course.

Rarely seen a horse so selectively high....
Lol, woken up grumpy evidently :laugh:

You know you deliberately tried to piss people off in this thread. That's fine, but it's fair enough to be called on it.


Hall of Fame Member
The Streets here in Delhi was crowded with Drunk people dancing away today ,even sitting on top of cars .

Was a sight !!!!

Got into a accident too ,but what the hell ,we won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cricket Web Owner
Congratulations Indian fans. :)

I went to bed shortly after Tendulkar got out, and expected to see a Sri Lankan victory but got quite a shock waking up to this result!