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***Official*** Commentary Thread


Hall of Fame Member
Haha great. Arry joining the BBC team apparently but still take them over the joy that is Southgate and Towsend


Hope the BBC have Clarence Seedorf as a pundit again.

In any event, I intend to avoid ITV as much as possible. Their entire commentary/punditry lineup is thoroughly objectionable.


Global Moderator
What's the situation in England with the coverage? Sky and BBC at the same time, or they take different games?


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ITV alternate with BBC. Sky get nothing because they like to keep big international tournaments free-to-air.


ITV. Eeeuuuww. Chiles and Red Clive with Townsend and Southgate prevaricating as if their lives depended on it. :sick: When Keane sits in it's like Michelangelo has been forced to make ends meet by doing a bit of artexing in between Sistine Chapels.


Evil Scotsman
I actually don't mind Southgate but he might have just stood out at the World Cup because the rest of ITV's panel was so ****.


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Can't stand Southgate. A very Southern English brand of moron: one who's far too polite to ever say anything of substance. All you get is a load of "looking back on that he'll think he maybe could have done a bit better there."

He's not horribly, infuriatingly wrong all the time like Townsend though. So in that sense he's one of ITV's better pundits, but that's a bit like being the nicest paedophile.
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I think Southgate is often quite critical and cutting with what he says to be honest. The reason I dislike him so much though is that he's a massive hypocrite. Happy to say how crap the decisions of other managers are, whilst conveniently forgetting that his tenure with Middlesbrough was absolutely disastrous.

Townsend also incredibly irksome, and just a moron. At least Robbie Earle was a nice lad, don't remember a lot about his punditry before his...er...indiscretion, but at least he wasn't extremely annoying. Can't stand Chiles, Clive, Drury, Beglin or Pleat though.


Evil Scotsman
I like Beglin but that's mostly because I associate his voice with watching our UEFA Cup run on ITV4.


Norwood's on Fire
ITV's production values are pissweak compared to the beeb as well

Personally I wish sky were allowed to show some games; not exclusively but it'd be nice to have the choice.

The good news is ESPN have none. Their choice of pundit is...well.