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***Official Commentary Complaints Thread***


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
We’ve been fortunate here to have Tyler calling pretty much all the big games. Terrific as always and rarely gets partisan when England are playing.

Fair effort for a bloke who’s older than water.
I'm assuming that's on the SBS coverage?

Don't think I've heard him once on the Optus coverage sadly. (I don't mind Peter Drury, but Ian Darke is meeeeeh)


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Yeah SBS. It’s lik revisiting my childhood tbh, he’s been calling that long.


International Vice-Captain
I think I've preferred ITV's. The Beeb's is too tired, too safe and apologetic, too Match of the Dayish, too staffed by '90s-00s England flops - even Klinsman, the token foreigner, is a reminder of Italia '90/Euro 1996. ITV's is a little more unpredictable with insane types like Keane and Billic appearing, and hearing Ally McCoist discuss the Bolshevik Revolution is rather amusing. What is going on with Billic's hair? Looks like it has been sprayed on.
Definitely preferred the ITV coverage.


International Vice-Captain
Most of the female pundits, Alex Cross, Aluko, seem to have fallen by the wayside faster than South American teams! At least Evra went also.


It looks a bit dire imo. The fact that they were all dumped out and replaced by the "big names" for the big matches makes their inclusion during the earlier rounds come across like charity.


International Vice-Captain
I'm probably the only one who remembers Gazza's punditry in 2002? Initially a proper pundit - on the couch - it swiftly become apparent that he was completely inebriated so got bumped down to some sort of ''spot'' with him faffing around Trafalgar Square going, ''come on England''.


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ITV should have used Champion and McCoist for the final. Needed to differentiate themselves from the BBC’s self-seriousness.