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***Official*** Australia in India 2017


International Debutant
Continue to be mystified how Lyon bats ahead of Hazlewood.

Finally Wade shows some intent, why took so long a mystery. Taking a run off first ball off Yadav to let Lyon face five deliveries baffling.


Hall of Fame Member
He's playing the long game, Ashwin has studied theater and he knows every run will produce a greater finale to a great series.

Smart cricket, expect no less from him.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Can Hazlewood be involved in another half century stand?

We really need more runs, but I think anything over 100 will be tricky. Psychologically though 100 is really easy to chase compared to even 150 or 200. But now we're relying on a Victorian and a man who models his game on McGrath. We're bloody rooted.


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ashwin was too busy studying brain wave patterns to focus on learning how to field at first slip