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***Official*** 2nd Test at the Adelaide Oval


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
FaaipDeOiad said:
I don't think it matters too much what sort of bowlers you pick, provided that your seamers can bowl straight and you have a quality spinner.
Poor poor England.


FaaipDeOiad said:
I think it's more problematic for England, given that Shane Warne is a pretty good bowler. To pick MacGill Australia would need to have picked five bowlers or dropped Clark or Lee, which is a pretty tough choice to make.

When Adelaide falls apart it tends to be very hard to play the quicks as well, because there's uneven bounce and so on. In 03/04 for instance against India it came apart pretty badly on the fourth day and it was Agarkar who took 6 wickets, even though Kumble and Tendulkar were turning it heaps. I don't think it matters too much what sort of bowlers you pick, provided that your seamers can bowl straight and you have a quality spinner.
You're just taking the Mickey Bliss now, aren't you? :p


The Wheel is Forever
Clark is a gun! Both the openers gone. I told you that Clark shouldn't be dropped. 2/5 after 5 overs. Amazing player. MacGill is good but you can't drop a player in this magnificent form!


International Debutant
Another point I believe is that when Australia arn't taking wickets they can keep the runrate down. Something they couldn't do in 2005 and something england won't be able to do now.

As I say Cook goes caught behind


Hall of Fame Member
Healy's been consistently chastising Cook for not going after the balls pitched up. Then goes "one of the greatest set-ups" when Coook edges a drive.


World Traveller
Turned the TV off now and will comeback later.

Typical England, only they know how to throw it away on a good batting pitch. You may as wel;l have bowled first.

(rant over)


Hall of Fame Member
England have been caught out a little bit by the fact that the wicket is a bit slow, but really this is still a 400+ pitch, it just requires a little bit more concentration. Clark has bowled extremely well too. I think he's put to bed all the accusations of only being good on lively wickets with his last two performances.

Strange that his FC average is about 30. He's looked like a much better bowler than that during his test career so far.

Anyway, if England lose another one before lunch they're in massive trouble.


International Debutant
BoyBrumby said:
Have to say Warney's bald spot's not looking any smaller. Come on Advanced Hair Studios, raise your game.
I think they will be doing better buisness this winter with England fans pulling their hair out:)


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Bell looking a little uncomfortable last over, didn't have a clue against warne last over.


International Debutant
Where the bloody hell has Clark came from? I thought Brad Williams was the new Mcgrath:) can we not get him back into the team instead?


The Wheel is Forever

That was the most beautiful delivery of the day, what a leg break. This is why I love test cricket.


International 12th Man
no Monty Panesar
i am supprised i thought he is going to make it in place of ashly Giles or anderson

good start from clark again