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***Official*** 2nd Test at the Adelaide Oval


State Captain
One thing that hasn't even really been mentioned much is that Australia weren't actually all that 'positive' in playing for the win (despite their talk). It wasn't until the final morning and they "sensed" that England were just trying to bat out time that they really changed their mindset. The period of play the day before when they lost their last 3 wickets was pretty excretable - fifty runs behind but making little effort to do anything but prolong their innings as long as possible - either a quick slog or a declaration would have been far more in keeping with their public statements. They certainly took longer than most of us to recognise the point at which England were very unlikely to have any interest in playing for the win. On Monday evening they were still under the impression that they were playing the England of 2004-5. It wasn't until Tuesday that they realised they were playing the England of 1993-2003.


World Traveller
Fiery said:
Good to be back Steds. I appreciate the talent of the Aussie cricketers, most of them are legends of the game but this hugging and kissing and licking must stop. I hate to think what goes on in the dressing room. I bet Pup can hardly walk this morning.
:-O :mellow: :ph34r: :laugh:

Give this man the Skull.


BoyBrumby said:
Man, Fletcher talking industrial grade bullplop there,

"Look at Australia where [Shane] Warne had that 100 partnership with [Michael] Clarke [in the first innings]. Those runs put the pressure back on to us. We think Ashley [Giles] can do that better. That's the reason."

is he seriously trying to suggest that Warne's batting is the reason he's picked ahead of MacGill?!? :wacko:

Anyway, congratulations to Australia. They showed what a champion team they are &, frighteningly, have obvious areas that can be improved.

I thought our middle order was a shambles; Fred, KP & Jones all played shots that in the circumstances were, at best, injudicious & at worst downright fugging stupid.
Haha, my god, this fellow you've got at the top makes one wonder how they ever won back the ashes..

That guy Warne, he also does a spot of bowling too, takes a few erm, wickets..


The Wheel is Forever
I am starting to wonder how England won the Ashes too. Warne was right, the man plays favorites.

My best Dunicanism: "Andrew and I have the final say," he confirmed, adding that the mysterious selection committee didn't include David Graveney or any of the home selectors, but instead consisted of a panel of senior players - Andrew Strauss, Paul Collingwood and Jones - who are consulted prior to each Test."

Thats right. Geraint Jones is part of the selection committee. What are the chances he picks Read over himself?


Eyes not spreadsheets
dontcloseyoureyes said:
I don't see any exam markers going "I can see he was on the right track, and I can see what he was trying to do, bah, who cares if he got it wrong, lets give him full marks anyway"
Funnily enough in one of my final exams that is the way it is marked - you can get it completely wrong and still be given 100% on the question.

Didn't stop me failing in June though.


vic_orthdox said:
There are some awards handed out each week on Cricket Chat, and "The Skull" is the award for the funniest post.
My apologies. Not nerdy at all guys. In fact, I feel extremely honoured to be nominated


International Regular
The Second Test was a Disgrace for England. Duncan Fletcher has served his time as England Coach now it time for him to go. Flintoff should stand down as Skipper and Strauss should be appointed. Panesar simply should have played instead of the Hard Working but Useless Ashely Giles 3 wickets at 87 is Awful, so too are James Anderson and Steve Harmison both should be dropped... the batting is ok but need to attack more instead of boring Boring cricket it gets you nowhere. Lewis and Plunkett should play in the Third test, the tour is a Disastar from start to finish. We need a Forward Thinking Skipper and Coach, and also get Troy Colley back Double his Wages that he gettingin Australia. Vaughan is a Big miss and should play in the 4th test.

Monty Panesar is class and the best spinner since Tufnell and needs to play every game, Hoggard can bat number 8