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Offical Rugby League Thread


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I watch a lot of Super League but I dont get to watch much NRL. I did find that game very entertaining and it was a wonderful event and spectacle. But, and I dont know if this is typical of NRL, it was interesting to see how the offside rule is interpreted in the South compared to the North. I know the speed of the play of the ball can make it tough to get back the full 10 but surely condensing the space you give world class athletes to work with isnt the best way to show case them and many defenders appeared to be trying to gain an unfair advantage.

Not a complaint but an observation and it was a bloody good game.


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When I was listening on the radio on my way home from work, the commentators were scathing that teams weren't being pulled back the full 10 metres, and that it was enforced very patchily.


International Coach
Poor old Liz Hayes, Channel 9, & Alex McKinnon would certainly feel irrelevant tonight. Love Cam Smith's response to that laughable hatchet job....total silence


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The articles I've read have been laughable. The video evidence disagrees with a lot of what was stated as fact by 60 Minutes.


Virat Kohli (c)
NRL got absolutely bitch slapped by the AFL in the TV rights negotiations.

Pissed off old man Rupert and he cut sick on them. Was very bitter in the presser.
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That Broncos win last night was one of the most enjoyable matches I've ever seen. Could not have imagined a better start.


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get ready for all the think pieces about how field goals should be barred in golden point!!!