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Number of tests draft

Fuller Pilch

Hall of Fame Member
I mentioned this in the draft idea thread the other day and there was some interest. I assume all those who liked the post and/or commented on it are keen: JOJO, Pothas, Bitmap, CricAddict, trundler, ankitj

Number of tests draft.

Each XI needs

One player who (has) played 0 - 9 tests. Thus players who never played a test/are yet to debut are eligible. Players from countries which have never played tests or countries that weren't at the time are eligible.

Three players who (have) played 10-49 tests

Three players
who (have) played 50-89 tests.

Three players who (have) played 90-129 tests.

One player
who (has) played 130-200 tests.

No Bradman.

Will look at starting in a few days (after the NZ - SL test has started).
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Fuller Pilch

Hall of Fame Member
Apologies if I've missed anyone but I think there are 15 of us in the draft atm. There is room if a few more wish to join late and go at the end of round 1.

We'll have randomised reversed orders for rounds 1 -10. Round 11 will be a free for all, but I assume most of us will be going for completely different picks by then.

We will start with 12 hours for picks for the first round with one drafter on at a time.

After that it will be 6 hours between picks and still one drafter on at a time.

If anyone has questions, please ask.

Order for round 1 is as follows:

  1. ataraxia
  2. Line and Length
  3. Bitmap
  4. ankitj
  5. Himannv
  6. Patience and Accuracy+Gut
  7. CricAddict
  9. Red
  10. Fuller Pilch
  11. Pothas
  12. trundler
  13. Teuton
  14. honestbharani
  15. kingkallis


Also we will go with the total no of tests played by a player if he (has) played for 2 test sides or an official World XI test etc. Use cricinfo for number of tests.

Please put the number with your pick.
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Fuller Pilch

Hall of Fame Member
NZ v SL will start in about 40 mins, so if ataraxia picks after that the number of tests played won't change for the draft as no other tests are on for ages.