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New Soccer thread


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What do you love about soccer,socey/football/gayerball. come on feel the love, ejaculate with joy over 4-4-2, squirm with joy over Harry Redknapp, discuss cattenachio, spurt over silva, Flagellate over Falcao, go gaga over Gazza, wet yourself over Waddle. C'mon peeps you know what to do.

Disclaimer: this thread has been in no way been created to piss off Benchmark, in fact any insulting remarks to the monkey, will be almost unwelcome.


Must admit at this stage I'm more of an addict than a fan. So much not to love about the top eschelons of the sport now.

Players are a healthy mix of greedy tarts, hacks, wuckfits, divers and hypocrites and the governing bodies seem set on not embracing what cricket, tennis and both rugby codes have done ages ago: technology to improve decision making.

& don't even get me started on the 2022 world cup. Qatar? **** off, please.


Lack of leg room makes it uncomfortable to sit in football grounds anyway, invariably prefer standing.


Hall of Fame Member
Really? If it is a day at Lords then that it is different but corporate entertainment at Football does not appeal at all.


Corporate days out at football are so dire. I imagine so anyway. Then again, I wouldn't really want to go to a corporate event of any sort anywhere, Lords included. Strikes me that the kind of people who attend such things are of the generic businessman stereotype mould and do so to get drunk and talk very loudly about how their knowledge on the sport is incredibly extensive, despite the fact that they clearly know nothing. Was sat next to a few of these sorts at Lords when Australia played Pakistan last year, heard all sorts about how "Afridi was a truly great test player" and so on.

Don't really have any objections to sitting at football, as long as you sit in a stand with the (ahem) "real fans". Having said that, I can see perfectly why someone wouldn't want to sit in such a location, someone with a young family for instance.


Virat Kohli (c)
Lack of leg room makes it uncomfortable to sit in football grounds anyway, invariably prefer standing.
Was surprised at how squished it was when I went to White Hart Lane earlier this year to see Spurs vs. City.

Nevertheless ended up getting used to it. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, great atmosphere.


Evil Scotsman
Really? If it is a day at Lords then that it is different but corporate entertainment at Football does not appeal at all.
Rangers have great hospitality tbf.

5 course pre-match meal in my own private box with complimentary booze (unless you're one of the suits, you can't get booze at the football in Scotland), out onto the balcony for a great view of the game, back inside for some nibbles at half time, watch the 2nd half, 2 hour complimentary bar after the game and tours of the trophy room on request. I could quite easily get used to that :p


Evil Scotsman
The meal would no doubt be better than the football on display anyway. :ph34r:
Haha, absolutely no need for the :ph34r:. I've missed a few home games because I work weekends, and from what I've read, the games I've missed have been gash. Usually catch the away games on TV at work though, and they've pretty much all been terrible to watch.

If it wasn't because of force of habit and the fact that I've had the same seat since I was 8, I'd chuck it. It's a waste of money.


Haha, fair enough.

On a sort of related note, I thought I'd try and work out which ground is nearest to where I live currently with a possibility of lending them my support. This site was quite useful:

Hopewiser UK - Find Your Nearest Sports Grounds

However, sadly, the nearest club to where I live these days is Millwall, and there is no chance in hell I will be supporting them. Pleasingly, and surprisingly, the second nearest club is Arsenal, so that works out well :laugh: Had assumed other clubs like Leyton Orient and possibly Charlton would have been closer, but apparently not.


Interestingly the only team that comes within the top ten nearest professional clubs to all the houses I have lived at in my life (these being in Wycombe, Hampshire, Reading and London) is Brentford. Therefore my casual following and support of the Bee's has been vindicated.


Norwood's on Fire
What is this game anyway? Can't say I've ever been interested in it.

Too many soccer threads are ruining the GSF IMO, if we got rid of them all we could have threads that were last posted in in September 2007 on Page 1, if only :cry:
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International Coach
Who the **** let you back in?

This house, at 3.52m, is the furthest I've ever lived from OT - and have never lived nearer City than Utd thank God. The site doesnt list Altrincham FC, as I think they'd be my closest now