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Last Man Standing: 2013 AFL Season


Cricket Spectator
I'm a big footy fan but just can't bring myself to watch it prior to round 1. The standard is just crap and there's nothing on the line.



& reminder to get involved, folkers. The first round is spread over two weekends, so plenty of time yet for waverers.


Devastation, tbh. A disappointing 11 line up but a disasterous 4 remain.


benchmark00: Brisbane
Jono: Adelaide
Somerset: St Kilda
biased indian: Brisbane
BoyBrumby: Carlton
Riggins: Calrton
Burgey: Lions


Spikey: Essendon
morgieb*: Sydney
superkingdave: Collingwood
NUFAN: Collingwood

Morgs has used his Get Out of Jail Free card, so can't tip against either of the bottom two again this running.

Round Two:

St Kilda vs. Richmond (MCG)
Sydney vs. Gold Coast (SCG)
Western Bulldogs vs. Fremantle (Docklands)
Brisbane Lions* vs. Adelaide (Gabba)
Port Adelaide vs. Greater Western Sydney (Football Park)
Essendon vs. Melbourne* (MCG)
Geelong vs. North Melbourne (Docklands)
Collingwood vs. Carlton (MCG)
West Coast vs. Hawthorn (Subiaco)


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GC seems to be at the stage where they can win games in which Ablett is awesome in, so I'm not too confident in taking Sydney, so Port is my only real option, but you know if Port go ahead and lose I wouldn't be surprised.


Y no Afghanistan flag
If Port lost, I think Spikey would have had a chance to say "see and that's why I didn't pick them, I tip blah blah".