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Last Man Standing: 2013 AFL Season


Shamefully ripped off from some of the lesser football codes, but it looks like a cool concept. To paraphrase Brumby again:

For those of you not acquainted with the idea the rules are very straightforward: everyone who enters selects a team from the AFL each week, if they win you stay in but if they lose or draw, you're out. You can only select the same side once in each running of the competition (so if you select, say, Carlton this week & they win you cannot select them again). The last person left in the competition wins....

If it goes till round 22 and there are still people left then they will be joint winners. If everyone messes up early, we might get enough time for another round.

Getting your tip in this week will be the same thing as signing up and I'm going to be ultra lenient on the deadlines, you have till half an hour before the game starts to get the tips in for that game, so you could even put your tip in on a Sunday if you are allowed to vote for either of those teams still. If you miss that, you're out.

All heathens are allowed and welcome to participate as well.
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This weeks games:

Collingwood vs Fremantle
Melbourne vs Adelaide
West Coast vs Kangaroos
Sydney vs Essendon
Richmond vs Brisbane Lions
Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn
Carlton vs Western Bulldogs
St. Kilda vs Geelong

Remember just choose one side out of the 16 to beat their opposition and that's the same thing as signing up.