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How did you get into cricket?


Cricketer Of The Year
Going to watch my Dad since before I can remember, then being taken along to play juniors with my brother when I was old enough.


Cricketer Of The Year
Oh yeah, and the whole Atherton - dirt in pocket year really got me into the watching internationals thing. Basically anything with Atherton did, I had posters of him on my walls and everything.


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Lots of stuff. It was a gradual decline from thinking cricket was boring to staying up all night to watch tests being played in Australia.

S.P. Fleming

U19 Cricketer
Lots of stuff. It was a gradual decline from thinking cricket was boring to staying up all night to watch tests being played in Australia.
It was in the family, Dad, sister and brother played it. VB series 01/02 got me into international cricket.


Global Moderator
As a wee babe-in-arms on my parents and grandparents knees. The 1988/89 Windies tour is the first one I can remember in detail.

Jungle Jumbo

International Vice-Captain
1999 World Cup for me, then the resulting (disastrous) series against New Zealand. Can't say I was properly hooked until the West Indies series of 2000 though.


Cricket Web Staff Member
Used to go to watch Dad play back in 1988 and 1989, and always loved having a swing of the bat myself (obviously a mini toy bat with a tennis-ball rather than actually on the same field as Dad). First international cricket I remember was the 1991/92 World Cup and the subsequent home Test series against the same team England lost to in the final - Pakistan. Drifted in and out of notice (I only ever remember summers until 1998/99, and my memories grow gradually stronger as the years go on; remember nothing of the 1993 Ashes and lots of the 1997 one) until 1998, when the superlative series against South Africa which England won finally hooked me for good. Have followed England religiously since then, and the 1999 World Cup and following years made me notice that other teams existed when they weren't touring England as well. Since 2000/01 I've followed the goings-on around the cricket World.


Hall of Fame Member
I was 8 and watched the under arm bowl game. And watched Bruce Edgar score a century and requested to play cricket immediately afterwards. Luckily NZ had a good team at the time so they were fun to watch in the following years.


Hall of Fame Member
My Dad was a football coach and I got fed -up and wanted to do something of my own. At about 13, a friend played cricket (one of only 2 boys that did in a year group including 125 boys) and I speculatively went to a net (never having played cricket in my life, apart from once or twice in the backyard). From the first net it went pretty well (through the fog of time I inaccurately recall nothing but holding the ball with 3 fingers and everyball either hitting the side netting or bowling someone :))
Got hooked immediately I knew that I could do something interesting with the ball. I dont know what this says about me but I honestly dont think Id have had much interest if I was not drawn in by the fact I was ok from the beginning.

Re: International cricket- 89/90 WI tour and 92 WC played big roles.
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Y no Afghanistan flag
2005 ashes for me.
You like Cricket? :blink:

As for me, I don't remember not liking Cricket. I used to watch matches from the age of 5 or so and would go outside and play all the time with either friends, dad or by myself.

The sport just appealed to me.


State Vice-Captain
Lance Cairns smashing the aussies to the rope and over. the 82/83 season first got me aware of cricket, I was 10 yrs, everyone at school wanted to play cricket after that. but it wasn't until the 1992 world cup that I really started to follow it with interest. oh how I miss the days of free to air cricket in NZ .. I think things started to change to pay pre view shortly after that wc.


World Traveller
When Aravinda da Silva was playing for Auckland and he was playing in a one day match where he scored a century. I'm not sure why, but my dad put it on, and I just sat there and watched. After the 1999 World Cup I finally started to understand cricket a lot more.


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
It's difficult to recall exactly, though I think it wasn't until the 05 Ashes that I paid proper attention to international cricket.

My earliest recollections are of McGrath's exemplary first spell at Lords, then feeling a mixture of disgust and vexation while Flintoff and Pietersen were smashing the Aussie bowlers all over the park.

I have much fonder and more distinct recollections of the 06/07 Ashes: Steve Harmison's dare I mention it first ball ingnomy, Warne taking his 700th Test wicket, Mike Hussey hitting the winning runs in Adelaide and Gilly's explosive hundred at the WACA come to mind.

In retrospect, I guess the success of the Australian cricket team has actually helped me enjoy and appreciate cricket as a spectacle and a sport.
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