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Heroes then and Now


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Ok, really bored & hungover so can't be arsed to go out, so I thought I'd start a stupid thread.

Now I was thinking about sportsman who you Idolized when you first started getting into sports, and ones nowadays who you probably just tolerate more than the other ****s. Well you do if your as jaded and miserable as me.

So my lists for various sports:

Then Mike Gatting, nowadays hmm, probably Stuart Broad or Jos.
Then Nick Faldo, now Alvaro Quiros
Then Dusty Hare, now n/a
Then John Watson, now n/a
Then Tony Kellow, now really tricky one, was Ryan Harley when he was with us, always liked Joe Cole, but now he should retire, umm, probably Super Mario for the lolz.
Athletics Then, to my eternal shame Coe, I didn't know he was a ****ing Tory did I, Now, lovely, lovely Jessica, did I mention she was lovely.:wub:
Then Super brat, nowadays really struggling, such dour *****, I miss tantrums, probably Petko or Heather Watson.

Obviously there is no League player, as I'm not Northern.


Global Moderator
Then Andrew Flintoff, now Dale Steyn.

Then Cesc Fabregas, now any **** that hasn't left Arsenal.


Hall of Fame Member
Oh wait, when you first started getting into sports.

Then Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley. Now Lebron James.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Oh yeah septic sports, I used to like John Riggins, and the Harlem Globetrotters.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend

Robin Friday

None now, heroes let you down eventually (Friday the exception that proves the rule)


Norwood's on Fire
Then: Aldo, Pat Nevin. Now: Andy Robinson, Owain Fon Williams
Then: Freddie, Nasser Hussain. Now: Jimmy, Broad, Pietersen
Then: Damon Hill. Now: me in my Golf


Cricketer Of The Year
Then: Rahul Dravid (Cricket), Reggie Miller (Basketball), Steve Yzerman and Brendan Shanahan (Ice Hockey), Albert Pujols (Baseball).


Global Moderator
Cricket: Then, Waqar Younis. Now, Kumar Sangakkara - if I can only name one.

Football: Then, Thierry Henry. Now, Arjen Robben (Don't really follow it - These two are the ones that have stood out form an illiterate perspective to be extremely skillfull. Particularly Robben)


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Cricket Then - Robin Smith. Now - Alastair Cook
Football Then - Gary Lineker. Now - Lionel Messi
Golf Then - Nick Faldo. Now - Lee Westwood


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Cricket - Then: Ricky Ponting/Andy Bichel/Jimmy Maher. Now: Ricky Ponting/Mitchell Johnson/Callum Ferguson

Football - Then: Harry Kewell/Michael Owen/Raul . Now: Fernando Torres/Rafael van der Vaart/Sergio Aguero

Motorsport - Then: Ayrton Senna/Damon Hill/Glenn Seton. Now: Lewis Hamilton/Dan Ricciardo/Mark Winterbottom