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Group E - Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden

Who will qualify from the group?

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Cricket Web Owner
14 June 2021
Poland v Slovakia
Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg

14 June 2021
Spain v Sweden
La Cartuja, Seville

18 June 2021
Sweden v Slovakia
Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg

19 June 2021
Spain v Poland
La Cartuja, Seville

23 June 2021
Slovakia v Spain
La Cartuja, Seville

23 June 2021
Sweden v Poland
Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg


International Regular
Probably one of the groups I'm most interested in - suspect Slovakia will get a point or 2 - should hopefully mean other 3 teams can't just play for a best placed 3rd spot ticket to last 16.


International Vice-Captain
This looks like the most boring game of the tournament to me so hopefully it will actually be a classic.
I've got my own 5 a-side game I'll be off to play shortly. I was delighted when I first saw that this was the game I'd be missing.

So yeah, probably a classic.